Our Mission

The mission of the Chivalry Today Educational Outreach Program is twofold:

  1. To foster a lifelong love of, and curiosity for the exploration of Western European history and culture through a variety of functions (see below) that bring the history and literature of the Age Of Chivalry to life for audiences of all ages;
  2. To create an understanding of, and respect for the principles of a universal standard of ethical and honorable behavior by exploring the history, development, and meaning of the Code Of Chivalry; examining its value, evolution, and applicability in all aspects and eras of society from the Middle Ages to the 21st century; and challenging students, educators, and leaders at all levels to pursue the Knightly Virtues in all of their endeavors.

In order to accomplish this mission, Chivalry Today provides:

  • Quality historical interpretative programs (lectures, workshops, and live demonstrations) for schools studying medieval and Renaissance history, Arthurian literature and legend, or topics of leadership, ethics, and character;
  • An ever-expanding on-line presence (including the Chivalry Today website and Facebook page) to present engaging articles, videos, and other resources about chivalry, knights, and ongoing research into the history of the Age Of Chivalry;
  • Active workshops, camps, and classes to teach the medieval art of sword combat as a means of understanding and practicing the principles of chivalry and personal honor;
  • A monthly on-line Chivalry Today podcast featuring interviews with educators, interpreters, authors, and other experts who bring new insight into some aspect of the history, literature, and philosophy of the Code Of Chivalry, from the Middle Ages to the modern world.

Chivalry Today is funded by:

Donations and financial support of listeners, fans, website visitors, and attendees of our workshops, presentations, and interpretative programs. Chivalry Today is committed to keeping the cost of our school and youth group programs low, and (as much as is possible within our operating budget) to providing educational resources to educators and students at disadvantaged schools at low- and no-cost.

Chivalry Today coordinates with various vendors and suppliers who donate promotional items (books, DVDs, martial arts equipment, and other merchandise) which we use as prizes in fund-raising raffles and giveaways, and as reward gifts for donors who contribute at specified financial levels.