Chivalry Today explores the history, literature and philosophy of the code of chivalry. From medieval knights and the legends of King Arthur, to the modern ideals of ethics and personal honor that influence politics and lawmaking, business and finance, teaching and education, medicine and charity, relationships and romance, the code of chivalry is still alive and well in the 21st century. Learn more through live, interactive classroom presentations, an informative monthly podcast, and the many articles, reviews and links at our website. For more details, see Chivalry Today’s Mission Statement Page.

About Scott Farrell…. Chivalry Today’s director, Scott Farrell, is an experienced actor and published author. His articles on matters of history, Arthurian legend and the ideals of chivalry have appeared in many publications, including Renaissance Magazine, Chivalry Sports, Men Today, Military History, Police Magazine, Tournaments Illuminated, and Word San Diego. He has also written as a contributing editor for the books Living A Life Of Value (VOW Press, 2006) and Martial Arts And Philosophy (Open Court Press, 2010). His work on stage includes leading roles in productions of Camelot, The Music Man, Oklahoma!, and The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s comedy The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

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