Meet The Team From Chivalry Today

Meet Chivalry Today’s Staff of Historical Interpreters

Chivalry Today has assembled a respected team of historical interpreters who work to make every event – a school history fair, a library reading program function, a corporate meeting, summer camp activity day, or lecture for a historical society – memorable and engaging, as well as historically accurate.

Chivalry Today’s historical interpreters pursue their knowledge of life in medieval and Renaissance times through independent study in museums, reading academic journals, and consultations with respected historians. They bring a wealth of knowledge, and they share a passion for teaching and a sincere commitment to imparting the ideals of the code of chivalry to a new generation.

Below you’ll find a brief background for each of the experts who will be part of your Chivalry Today event.


Scott Farrell is Chivalry Today’s Program Director, and expert in medieval arms, armor, and sword combat.

Scott Farrell – Program Director

Scott is the founder and director of Chivalry Today, and he has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of arms, armor, and medieval military history. He has been involved with independent study programs at the Royal Armories at Leeds, and with Cadw (the department of the Welsh government in charge of preserving castles and other historical monuments).

With a college degree in English literature, Scott is also an avid reader and student of folklore and Arthurian legend. In addition, Scott studied theatrical performance at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre, and periodically works as one of the teaching artists (school performers) with San Diego’s Intrepid Shakespeare Company. He has worked with the San Diego City and County Library Systems as part of the annual Summer Reading Program since 2006.

Scott is a professional journalist and author, and his articles on medieval history and the ideals of chivalry have appeared in many print and on-line publications, including Renaissance Magazine, Military History Quarterly, Civil War Times, Chivalry Sports, Tournaments Illuminated, Men Today, and Police Magazine. His chapter “Sir Aristotle and the Code of Chivalry” is included in the book Martial Arts And Philosophy (Open Court Books, 2010). You may also recognize his voice as the host of the Chivalry Today podcast, and the ringside “color commentator” from San Diego’s acclaimed Tournament Of The Phoenix competitive jousting event, held each October at the Poway Rodeo Grounds.

Scott has given lectures and demonstrations for a wide variety of groups with an interest in medieval history, armor, castles, knighthood, and the code of chivalry, including: The San Diego Shakespeare Society, The San Diego Historical Society, University of California Irvine Faculty Club, San Diego State University, Kiwanis International, The Rotary Club, The Boy Scouts of America, Sisters In Crime Mystery Writers, and Romance Writers of America.

Scott presents:

  • King Arthur And The Code Of The Round Table
  • Deed Of Arms — Chivalry In Action
  • A Knight In The Museum – Medieval Arms And Armor
  • Vigil: The Making of a Knight
  • Castle Life: Home for the Knight
  • Days and Knights of Shakespeare – A Virtual Walk Through Shakespeaere’s London
  • Warrior Camp and Warrior After-School Club

Rick Hardin is an expert in armor, blacksmithing, and woodworking.

Rick Hardin is an expert in armor, blacksmithing, and woodworking.

Rick Hardin – Associate Program Coordinator

Rick has 23 years experience in the trade show and museum interior manufacturing industry. Rick has had the opportunity to work with more than 25 museums throughout the South West to create dynamic museum exhibits which enhance the visitor experience. Most of the facilities Rick has worked with are historical museums such as the Museum of Man in San Diego and numerous California State parks historical visitor centers.

In addition to his work with museums, Rick and his wife June have established a small company called Viking Krafts which creates museum-quality jewelry, furniture, knives, and swords all inspired by artifacts from the Roman era to the Renaissance.  Rick’s extensive knowledge and skill makes him a popular teacher and mentor for those who wish to know more about the life and skills of guild workers and medieval craftsmen. Rick’s talents include blacksmithing, wood working, carving, jewelry making, silver, bronze and pewter casting, coin making, shoe making, costuming, bladesmithing, historical sword fighting, and leatherwork.

Rick presents

  • Making A Living: Guilds and Crafts
  • Deed of Arms: Chivalry In Action
  • Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight
  • Warrior Camp and Warrior Club

Gwen Nowrick — Medieval Fashion and Clothing Expert

Gwen Nowrick is an expert on medieval and Renaissance clothing and fashion.

Gwen Nowrick is the owner of Black Swan Designs, one of the most respected providers of historical replica clothing in the world. As the Head of Research, Gwen has consulted on reproduction clothing for museum displays at San Diego’s Cabrillo Monument, and many heritage and historic sites worldwide. Her clothing can be found in use by interpreters at the Higgins Armoury Museum in Worchester, Mass., Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London in England, and the Archeon in the Netherlands.

Gwen has a passion for fashion and style throughout history, and delights in making historical clothing relevant as the fashion of the people who wore them. Passionate, knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining, Gwen gears her interactive talks to the age of the group. She keeps the audience spellbound as she dispels urban myths and presents clothing through the ages as high fashion rather than dry and dusty artifacts or weird costumes.

Gwen presents

  • Medieval Fashion and Clothing


Mark Lindsay has built multiple full-size catapults, and gives demonstrations of working siege engines.

Mark Lindsay – Catapults and Siege Engines

Mark Lindsay has a professional background in metal working and mechanical engineering. He has been studying the construction, function, and tactics of Ancient and medieval war engines since 1991, and routinely tests his knowledge by putting his creations to use in reenactment battles staged by the Society for Creative Anachronism. His replica war engines have won multiple awards among living history groups for both authenticity and function, and have appeared on several well-known national television shows and documentaries.

Mark presents

  • Siege The Day: Medieval Catapults and War Engines

Sean Cox is an accomplished actor and Shakespeare scholar, and gives workshops as part of Days and Knights of Shakespeare.

Sean Cox – Shakespearean Performance Expert

Sean is a co-founder of Intrepid Shakespeare Company. As an actor, director, and teacher he has worked with numerous theatre companies and performance festivals including Shakespeare Festivals in Idaho, Texas, and Nevada. He has performed in the San Diego area with the Lamb’s Players Theatre, Moxie Theater, the Old Globe, and the San Diego Repertory. His Shakespearean roles include include Macbeth, Richard II, Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio) and King John (the Bastard). His training includes the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, the University of the Arts, and the Globe Theatre (London). Sean is the recipient of multiple awards for his work on stage.

Sean presents:

  • Shakespeare Workshop – Reading as a Performer (part of Days and Knights of Shakespeare)
  • Campus Performances of Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Chivalry Today’s Medieval Day: Festival of Chivalry


Asa Keefe – Presenter

Asa works in law enforcement, is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and has a background in education. He is a highly experienced martial artist in several fields, including historical European sword combat. His knowledge of historical military detail includes several periods of Classical, medieval, and Early Modern history. Asa assists with demonstrations of sword combat and fencing skills in Deed Of Arms.

Valerie Williams – Web, IT, and Administrative Support

Valerie has a background of more than 20 years as an administrative assistant. She runs her own business creating and administering websites and blogs for small businesses. She has been involved in medieval living history events and has helped in the organization of several medieval and Renaissance historical tournaments and festivals. She created the Chivalry Today website and on-line newsletter, and provides production support for the podcast.


Still To Come

  • Terry Lockwood – Falconry and Birds of Prey
  • Kyle Lazzarevich – Associate Educator and Historical Sword Combat Coach
  • Sean Richards – Roman History
  • April Apperson-Farrell – Medieval Life, Clerical Skills, The Rules of the Joust, and Women’s Roles

About Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell is the founder and director of the Chivalry Today Educational Program. He gives dozens of live presentations on the history and values of chivalry every year at schools, libraries, and civic and professional organizations throughout Southern California. His thoughts and conversations on chivalry can be heard worldwide every month on his Chivalry Today Podcast. His essays on the code of chivalry have appeared in numerous magazines and books, including Living A Life Of Value (Jason Merchey, editor) and the forthcoming Martial Arts And Philosophy (Damon Young, editor).