Business and Chivalry

Look at that plaque on the desk where you spend eight hours (or more) of your day. It may be engraved with an impressive title like “vice president” or “sales associate” or “executive financial officer.” Or, perhaps your corporate identity exists at the top of a time card — “cashier” or “assembly” or “maintenance.” In any case, no matter how extravagant or simple your occupational description is, imagine how things might change if you had a different career designation.

What if your title was: “Knight in Shining Armor”?

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Be Worthy of Chivalry

Honor and courtesy are gifts which should be accepted graciously We sometimes go through life oblivious to the valuable gifts that are given to us every day. Many years ago, I heard a phrase which made me realize the importance of recognizing acts of kindness and chivalry. I’ve never forgotten it: “Lords, honor all ladies. […]

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Chivalry and the Cowboy Code

Can you think of an ethical dilemma which couldn’t be resolved by the application of at least one of the tenets listed below? Clearly this code of conduct can trace its lineage back to the age of chivalry.

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Women and Chivalry

The counterpart to the “knight in shining armor” has long been the “damsel in distress” — helplessly captured by a wicked tormentor, waiting for her hero to rescue her and take her away to a lofty tower of his palace where the two can live happily ever after.

To quote my teen-aged niece, “Puh-leeze!”

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