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The Drive Of Chivalry

You can’t put the brakes on chivalry, decency, and integrity just because you think no one’s watching when you’ve got a chance to snatch up a quick, unearned buck. Abandoning your own sense of honor just isn’t worth the price.

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Chivalry On Steroids

Although the stereotypical image of the medieval world is one of filth, plagues, ignorance, barbarian hordes, and witch burning, the Middle Ages was also a period of growth, discovery and advancement.

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Chivalry Awards Of 2009

Anyone who thinks “chivalry is dead” hasn’t been paying much attention to the news. Plenty of examples of chivalry made headlines in 2009. This isn’t the kind of chivalry that is demonstrated by opening a door or bringing flowers to a date, however … it’s real chivalry, the kind that involves the integrity to do […]

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Chivalry Goes To The Dogs

We’d have a lot more balanced people running the world if they based their leadership on calm-assertive energy. You see, animals don’t follow unstable pack leaders; only humans promote, follow and praise instability.

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The True Secret of Leadership

The reasons for taking the longer road are self-respect, character and dignity. Those of us who value chivalry and honor must go into our battles with open eyes so that we’re not caught by surprise when we come across the sleazy, dishonest path.

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