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Chivalry on Display at the Readers Festival

Chivalry Today’s staff of educators and interpreters were proud to be asked to join in the festivities at the 2012 Mission Viejo Readers Festival. The Festival is an event that promotes literacy and education, and gives local Southern California residents a chance to meet and speak with some world-class authors. But this year the organizers […]

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Join Us For Castle Science

Ever wonder why castles have all those towers and tall walls? Can you imagine what it would be like to plan an attack on a giant medieval castle, or what it would be like to defend one? What was life like inside a castle in the Age of Chivalry? These, and more questions about knights […]

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Chivalry Today Podcast 52: Summer of Chivalry, Part 2

Summer Of Chivalry Podcast: Part 2

Host Scott Farrell speaks with the author of Deeds Of Arms about a historical battle known as the Combat Of The Thirty Against Thirty , and a re-enactment of that event that happening at the SCA’s Pennsic War. Plus: An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Morrison about the exhibition Fashion In The Middle Ages.

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Chivalry Today Podcast 50: A Dueling View of Chivalry

Podcast 50: A Dueling View Of Chivalry

Host Scott Farrell examines chivalry’s place in the world of medieval fighting manuals and poleaxe dueling with Christian Henry Tobler, European martial arts interpreter. Plus: Scott speaks with the author of the book Manning Up: How The Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys.

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Chivalry On Steroids

Although the stereotypical image of the medieval world is one of filth, plagues, ignorance, barbarian hordes, and witch burning, the Middle Ages was also a period of growth, discovery and advancement.

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