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Really Good Iced Tea

I go to the Chinese take-out restaurant next door to where we live to get some dinner (they take checks, a good thing, since it is Sunday, and we don’t have much cash in the house). Well, Scott likes Kikkoman soy sauce, so I place my order, and go to the supermarket next door to […]

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Chivalry on the Interstate

His steed was a tire-service truck. His livery was a mechanic’s uniform. His bright sword was a lug wrench. I had suffered a flat on the interstate, and though I had the necessary tools and equipment to change it, I had discovered that the lug nuts had been screwed down too tightly for me to […]

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“Curb Your Tongue, Knave!”

This past week I taught myself a lesson in chivalry, and maybe by sharing my story, I’ll give others a chance to escape the uncomfortable situation I put myself in. It was Friday evening, and several of the salespeople from my department met at El Torito’s for happy hour. There are about twenty of us […]

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A Flourish in the Desert

My story, I think, reflects the virtues of nobility and generosity. I was traveling with my 19-year-old son on a long road trip. We were in the middle of the Arizona desert with only a couple hours sleep the night before. Finally, I had to stop, it was around midnight I just couldn’t go any […]

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Ticket to Chivalry

My son’s soccer league was trying to raise money as part of a community support program to improve the facilities at the neighborhood recreation center where the kids practice. To do our part, the parents decided to sponsor a raffle at the rec center’s big Halloween carnival. Each family would donate one item, and raffle […]

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Shocks and Chivalry

There are those (men and women) who truly exemplify the Code of Chivalry. These are the ones who give of themselves unselfishly and expect nothing in return. These are the keepers of that noble concept, the true essence of chivalry. In my Junior year of high school I remember working at a local hotel as […]

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New Millennium Round Table

Today people comment that chivalry is a relic of the Middle Ages. Although today we have no kingdoms or Kings that rule over a piece of land, nor warriors sitting at a Round Table, knights in shining armor still exist. I know a good friend and leader who brings generosity and hope to his surroundings. […]

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A Life-Saving Quest

I was in hospital waiting to give birth to my son. I was constantly bleeding. (I didn’t know it at the time, but I was slowly bleeding to death.) The hospital was running low on my blood type. (I have a very rare blood type, so I could not have just any blood.) My brother […]

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