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Chivalry Today Salutes Education

School’s back in session – and soon students will be studying the history of the Middle Ages and Renaissance once more. Reading tales of King Arthur and his knights; learning about the politics and culture of medieval Europe; and imagining what life would have been like for a knight or a lady in the 13th […]

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Chivalry on Display at the Readers Festival

Chivalry Today’s staff of educators and interpreters were proud to be asked to join in the festivities at the 2012 Mission Viejo Readers Festival. The Festival is an event that promotes literacy and education, and gives local Southern California residents a chance to meet and speak with some world-class authors. But this year the organizers […]

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Chivalry Today: You Made This Possible!

Chivalry Today’s donors have made it possible for the program to provide several displays, lectures, and interpretive activities to area low-income schools. These pictures are our way of saying thanks to the contributors who’ve helped make this possible.

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Chivalry Days Are A Medieval Hit!

Bring the Renaissance Fair to your campus with Chivalry Today’s Medieval Day Out. Check out our slide show with this year’s highlights to see some of the things we can offer your school, camp, library, or educational group.

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