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Chivalry Of The Walking Dead

No, this isn’t an article about the zombie apocalypse and the code of chivalry. But with so many people proclaiming – frequently and definitively – the death of chivalry, it does seem like talking about chivalry in real, practical terms is a bit like trying to resurrect the dead

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The Drive Of Chivalry

You can’t put the brakes on chivalry, decency, and integrity just because you think no one’s watching when you’ve got a chance to snatch up a quick, unearned buck. Abandoning your own sense of honor just isn’t worth the price.

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Chivalry Awards Of 2009

Anyone who thinks “chivalry is dead” hasn’t been paying much attention to the news. Plenty of examples of chivalry made headlines in 2009. This isn’t the kind of chivalry that is demonstrated by opening a door or bringing flowers to a date, however … it’s real chivalry, the kind that involves the integrity to do […]

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Passing Chivalry

Chivalry does not mean someone else has to accept your lack of basic manners — this is the fine line, and you may only have yourself to blame if you choose to cross it.

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Hunting For Chivalry

Parents should use every opportunity to instill the values of honor, responsibility and chivalry in their children — and take every opportunity to look back and recall the lessons they learned at those “turning points” in the cycle of life

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Chivalry: The B.S. Debate – Part 1

Prejudice researchers use the term benevolent sexism to refer to forms of sexism that characterize women as extremely good. The benevolent sexist views women as bastions of purity who need to be protected, supported, and adored. Despite its overtly positive flavor, this idealization of women implies that women are weak, soft creatures that are best suited to traditional gender roles.

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