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Chivalry Fitness

Scott Farrell comments: When we talk about sports, we tend to think of Greek athletes rather than knights in shining armor. We often forget that many knights spent their time, at least in part, on the “tournament circuit,” participating professionally in the martial sports of the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. Too often we think […]

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Chivalry With Serenity

Chivalry is as crucial to the structure of Firefly as a foundation is to a skyscraper: Both are buried beneath the surface, invisible to the casual observer, but each is an indispensable part of a magnificent creation.

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Knights and Fireflys

Scott Farrell comments: The show Firefly has a small but devoted fan base. Normally I try to avoid commentary regarding specialty subjects on the Chivalry Today website, but when a popular contemporary book includes a chapter with “chivalry” in the title, I think it is fair to address the subject here. You don’t need to […]

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Finding Chivalry and Stealing Software

Maybe there’s a certain amount of cool to the bravado (or seeming bravado) of stealing something. Let’s face it; in our culture, criminals are cooler than people who hand in their assignments on time, floss twice daily and pay full price for their game software. I don’t know why this is, but I don’t think the answer would be very flattering.

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The Knight Awards

Scott Farrell comments: Last semester a high school teacher asked her English composition students to write a paper nominating someone for a “knight in shining armor award.” Students had to establish the criteria for this fictitious award, and tell what it was that their nominee had done to make them eligible for this honor. Her […]

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Chivalry And Humanity

Such people do not deserve mercy. In my view, they have forfeited any moral right to expect it from us. You and your troops may be sorely tempted to deny them humane treatment as a result. But you must resist that temptation. Treat them humanely even though they don’t deserve it.

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