Episode 29: Campaigning to Live with Chivalry

A conversation with Sophie Gallois, Brand Director for Chivas Regal, on the company’s recent advertising campaign, Live With Chivalry, and how the campaign portrays the ideals of chivalry in modern society. Plus: A ride on the merry-go-round of nobility, and Stephen Colbert claims that “softball softies” are destroying the world by bringing chivalry to the field.


Segment 1: The Merry-Go-Round Of Nobility

Segment 2: Interview: Sophie Gallois, Chivas Regal Brand Director

Segment 3: Basketball Knights, Softball Softies and Chivalry On The Field

  • The ESPN report on the softball play that won the ESPY Award for Best Moment In Sports 2008:
    YouTube Preview Image
  • ABC News reports on the Barbs vs. Knights basketball game — the players were named ABC’s Persons Of The Week for their demonstration of sportsmanship;
  • Watch Stephen Colbert’s Threatdown that includes his full explanation of why the softball game that won the ESPY Award for Best Moment in Sports 2008 is an insidious plot to destroy the world! (Or at least, sports as we know it.)

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About Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell is the founder and director of the Chivalry Today Educational Program. He gives dozens of live presentations on the history and values of chivalry every year at schools, libraries, and civic and professional organizations throughout Southern California. His thoughts and conversations on chivalry can be heard worldwide every month on his Chivalry Today Podcast. His essays on the code of chivalry have appeared in numerous magazines and books, including Living A Life Of Value (Jason Merchey, editor) and the forthcoming Martial Arts And Philosophy (Damon Young, editor).

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