Programs & Demonstrations

Educational Program: Chivalry Today offers a variety of educational presentations for students at every level and classrooms of all sizes. Students will discover the legends of King Arthur, learn about life in the feudal society of the Middle Ages, and uncover the values of the Code of Chivalry – all with lots of fun, hands-on opportunities to interact with a real knight in shining armor.

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Chivalry School Historical Fencing: Want to learn the authentic art of sword fighting – in a safe, supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on the ideals of respect, trust, and chivalry? Then come take part in Chivalry Today’s Knight School Historical Fencing program! Classes are held weekly in San Diego – learn more using the link below.
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After-School and Summer Enrichment Activities: Chivalry Today’s Warrior Camp and Warrior Club program introduce young participants to the excitement of warrior cultures of history by letting them dress and play the parts of Spartans, Romans, knights, samurai, and more! They experience skills like archery, sword combat, dexterity, and teamwork as they learn the universal ideals of the Warriors Code.

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Adult Interest & Education: Chivalry isn’t just kids’ stuff – discovering and exploring the principles of chivalry is part of an ongoing commitment to improving one’s life, and making your community and your world a better place.

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Business Presentations: Chivalry Today’s Leadership Secrets of the Code of Chivalry is a great keynote address or motivational talk for any professional gathering or convention. Using the principles and goals of the warrior’s code of honor called “chivalry,” program director Scott Farrell demonstrates how to bring a team together, focus on an outcome and strengthen your commitment to customer, client and employee service with respect and integrity.

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