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Leadership Secrets of the Code of Chivalry

An exciting presentation for your convention or workshop Are you looking for a new way of bringing enthusiasm, pride and motivation to your team? Here’s a concept you may not have considered: The Code of Chivalry. In his latest presentation, award-winning writer and speaker Scott Farrell explores the Leadership Secrets of the Code of Chivalry in an uplifting seminar that is designed to enhance competitive drive, teambuilding respect and personal honor and integrity. In this presentation, Scott examines how the Seven Knightly Virtues can be put to work in business, sports, politics or any environment where ethical leadership is key for sucess. Here are some of the things Scott has to say about:

Chivalry in Battle

Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that chivalry was a warrior’s code of honor, not a guide for etiquette and manners. Foremost among knightly values was prowess — that is, the display of outstanding skill and ability, without cutting corners or making excuses. So, any desire to do business by the rules of the Code of Chivalry has to begin with a commitment to excellence. A chivalrous leader will never accept anything less than the best, and will go to great lengths to give everyone on the team the tools, training and experience necessary to achieve prowess …

Chivalry in Service

We think of knights as lonely, solitary figures, but those are just romantic myths. In reality, knights were active, dynamic leaders who were part of a competitive team. They had to answer to their superiors, the princes and kings they served, and they had to be responsible to the many people who worked under them. Trust was the most valuable factor in this feudal heirarchy; without it, a knight was just a self-serving thug with a suit of armor — just like today, a manager or leader who doesn’t inspire trust and honesty is the weak link in the chain of command. We are all only as good as our word of honor …

Chivalry in Spirit

Why go the extra length to conduct yourself with honor in a competitive environment? It’s a lot of work, and it doesn’t necessarily bring any guarantee of success. I think it’s because we inherently know there’s a greater responsibility that comes with success and achievement, and we want to be part of that elite company of heroes who, through the ages, have refused to compromise their standards or dilute their integrity. It’s tempting to think that the age of chivalry is past — it isn’t. Every one of us can be a role model of chivalry in everything we do … Leadership Secrets of the Code of Chivalry is an energetic motivational seminar that is ideal for a variety of gatherings and venues, including:

  • Professional Conventions
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Business Meetings
  • Athletic Leagues
  • Political Rallies
  • Educational Conferences

If you’re ready to bring a new level of energy, respect, cooperation and commitment to your team, Scott can put together a presentation tailored to your needs. Schedule a presentation on the Leadership Secrets of the Code of Chivalry today.» Learn More About Leadership and Chivalry

About Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell is the founder and director of the Chivalry Today Educational Program. He gives dozens of live presentations on the history and values of chivalry every year at schools, libraries, and civic and professional organizations throughout Southern California. His thoughts and conversations on chivalry can be heard worldwide every month on his Chivalry Today Podcast. His essays on the code of chivalry have appeared in numerous magazines and books, including Living A Life Of Value (Jason Merchey, editor) and the forthcoming Martial Arts And Philosophy (Damon Young, editor).

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