Chivalry Today is dedicated to learning from the code of chivalry and applying the knowledge and insight gained from this warrior’s code to our daily lives. We are dedicated to inclusivity, justice, and equality. We believe in finding equitable solutions to the problems faced in today’s society and are firmly committed to taking action. 

We do not tolerate prejudice, discrimination, or racism. All who wish to learn from unabridged history and use this information for the betterment of themselves and society are welcome here. 


Chivalry Today offers a variety of presentations, workshops and activities to introduce you to the history of knighthood. 

Education Programs

Education Programs

Unfortunately current conditions have forced us to suspend our school campus program indefinitely. However we do offer educational lectures and presentations. Use the link below for more details.

Experience 2

Medieval Sword Lessons

Learn the art of historical swordplay under the ideals of chivalry and honorable behavior. Weekly classes for adults are held at San Diego's prestigious Lionheart Fencing Academy. (Teens are accepted on a limited basis - contact us for more details.)

Chivalry Summer Camps

In this week-long day-camp, kids 8 to 14 will get to discover the knightly art of historical fencing, delve into details of medieval history, and learn the ideals of the code of chivalry!