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Chivalry Today offers a variety of presentations, workshops and activities to introduce chivalry into your education, business and life.

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Swords of Chivalry

Learn the art of historical swordplay under the ideals of chivalry and honorable behavior.  Programs for adults, teens and children.

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Festival of Chivalry

Bring historical interpretation and living history demonstrations to your schools, libraries, camps and more.

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Chivalry Today

Apply the Code of Chivalry to modern life.  Articles, interviews, podcasts and more.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Medieval History Faire you did for our home school group. I was very impressed with the activities and how you included all the age levels that wished to participate. It was interesting for me as an adult as well, and it was really fulfilling to see the kids learning and participating. It was a meaningful, exciting way for us to begin our school year of medieval study.

I especially like the way you brought chivalry into every aspect of the instruction. That's important to me, especially as I am raising two little boys. It must have been difficult to wear the warm costumes and armor, but I appreciate you sticking through it, especially during the tournament demonstration. I like that it was outdoors too. That was so much more effective and pleasant than being inside of a large, air-conditioned, florescent-lit building. Thank you again!

Brittany H.


​Chivalry Today’s historical interpreters pursue their knowledge of life in medieval and Renaissance times through independent study in museums, reading academic journals, and consultations with respected historians.

They bring a wealth of knowledge, and share a passion for teaching and a sincere commitment to imparting the ideals of the code of chivalry to a new generation.

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Scott Farrell

Program Director

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Kyle Lazzarevich

Presenter / HEMA Coach

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Terry lockwood

Presenter / Falconer

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Mike Mason

Presenter / Brick Oven Baker

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Danielle Mitchell

Presenter / Dance Master

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Deborah Fox

Presenter / Medieval Ensemble

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