A Great Deal Of Chivalry

Costco CapYou can get a lot of great stuff at a Costco warehouse store – and in the month of February, that even includes some thoughts about the value of chivalry in the modern world!

Each month, in the Costco Connection magazine, you’ll find a section called “Informed Debate,” which covers both sides of a topical current issue. In the Feb., 2014 edition, that topic is chivalry, as the magazine poses the question, Is Chivalry Outdated. Writing for the “pro chivalry” side, not surprisingly, is Chivalry Today’s program director Scott Farrell. Covering the “no chivalry” side are psychology researchers Susan Fiske and Peter Glick. (One of Prof. Glick’s articles on the dangers of benevolent sexism in the guise of chivalry already appears on this website – so we obviously respect these authors’ viewpoints!)

We invite Chivalry Today readers to check out February’s Costco Connection online edition – and, if you read it before the end of the month, be sure to follow the survey link and make your opinion on chivalry known. The results of their debate will be published in the March edition. We’d love to see the debate question “Is chivalry outdated?” answered with a resounding “no way!”.

You can also cast your “yea” or “nay” vote on the question of chivalry directly through the Costco Connection survey site.


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