A Humble Knight

My knight in shining armor, didn’t do anything for me, but he taught, just by my own observance of his actions. I remember one day, it was a hot July afternoon after work, and I was on my way home, ready to get into my house with air conditioner, so I could cool off and chill out for the evening. As I was head toward a stop light that was just turning green, I saw a police car with its flashers on. A funeral had just let out, and they were headed to the graveyard.

This fellow must have been real popular — there was a long motorcade in honor of this person that had just passed away. I remember about half-way through this long line passing through to the cemetery, I was getting very impatient, and I started kind of muttering my frustration to myself. On the side walk my right, I saw a homeless man, and I began to weep as I observed him placing his hat on his chest until the last car passed through. Then he went about his business.

That homeless man, by performing a simple little gesture of respect, taught me that we are all humans, and when one of us passes on, we should remember that a soul has gone into eternity. He reminded me that long or short, a line of mourners needs comforting in every way possible. That humble, unnamed knight in shining armor was contributing his part.

Mike Scully, Arkansas

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