A Knight in the Band

I was in Indianapolis for my first Bands of America Grand Nationals event. My band was staying at the Radisson hotel. The second night we were there, we were eating dinner up on the top floor of the hotel. My friends and I were sitting at a table next to one of the really cute band guys in one of the three or four rooms we could eat in. He was sitting fairly close to me, but he was one of the guys that I though would never give me the time of day because I was a lowly freshman and he was a mighty junior.

My good friend Ashlee made a joke about the butter and how it was served. (It was in ball form, for anyone who is curious.) It caused everyone at my table (all freshman) to laugh uproariously. I was laughing so hard my face was red and I proceeded to accidentally tip my chair backwards with myself still in it and hit the floor with a loud bang.

The dining room suddenly became awkwardly silent for what seemed like an eternity. Then the whole dining room erupted in laughter at my fall, except for the cute band guy sitting at the adjacent table. He then yelled, “Hey guys, it’s not that funny. Stop laughing,” and proceed to help me off the floor and upright my chair when he could have just sat there with his friends and laugh and point at my humiliating moment in band history.

My knight in shining armor showed me that my perceptions of him were wrong and that he would lend a helping hand to those who need it and wishes no one to get hurt. He may have gone against what the popular thing to do at the moment, but he did the right thing by not humiliating me anymore than what I was, and for that I escaped that moment without being embarrassed because one of the cutest guys in the band was a knight and helped a damsel in distress.

— Amanda Starr, Georgia

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