A Knight’s Journey

I met a man, a man who became a friend of mine. As we began getting better acquainted, we found we shared many common interests. We quickly realized we were becoming more than friends, yet we had not officially determined to date. We were dancing around the label, and commitment, of dating. But we spent every spare second of each day either chatting via instant messenger, or on the phone, until late in the night.

I lived in Houston. My friend lived in Austin. Every Friday afternoon one of us would hit the road to the other’s town; and then on Sunday, we would head home. We alternated who visited whom each weekend.

My vehicle at the time was experiencing severe mechanical issues. I had worked on it for more than three months without success. All I had done was kept it limping along. It was suggested that I bring my car to Austin and let a mutual friend look at it.

So, I set out for Austin as per usual on a Friday afternoon. I had plans to meet up with my friend when he got off work, about 6:30 that night.

Less than an hour later, my trip ended. My engine caught fire and exploded. With smoke and flames under the hood I called for a tow truck to haul my poor charred car home. I also called to leave a message for my friend at work. Working in the tech industry, I could not reach him directly. The best I could do was leave a message via voice mail and hope he heard it in a timely fashion.

That evening my family and I sat together to discuss the situation and decide on a course of action. Around 6:30 we heard a knock on the door. Surprised to have a visitor, I answered the door. There was my friend. Hot, tired, haggard, thirsty and completely and utterly concerned with my welfare. His first words were, “Are you OK? What can I do?”

It was then, at that very moment, I realized there was something good and strong developing between us. I have never felt so cherished as I did in that moment. My friend had driven 200 miles on his last dime with no thought to his own comfort, and without resources, to see if I was OK.

That was a year’s courtship, request for my hand in marriage from my father, and four years of marriage ago. My friend, now my husband, still looks out for me without thought of himself. My husband was courageous and generous when he drove to Houston that weekend. And he never ceases to surprise me with the little ways he has of looking out for me, making me feel special, and showing he cares.

My husband, and friend, is a noble, generous, and gallant knight. I am blessed to have met him, honored to have wed him, and happy to share my life with him.

Bryndahl Morgan, Texas

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