A Life-Saving Quest

I was in hospital waiting to give birth to my son. I was constantly bleeding. (I didn’t know it at the time, but I was slowly bleeding to death.) The hospital was running low on my blood type. (I have a very rare blood type, so I could not have just any blood.) My brother Keir overheard what was being said about how close I was to dying without the right type of blood.

Keir worried and panicked while he was at work. He ended up nailing he trousers to his carpentry work. (He would not usually do something like that.) His boss asked what was wrong and my brother explained everything down to the issue of my blood type, while tears filled his eyes. His boss said he would “sort it out” and sent my brother home two hours early. After I found out Kier had been sent home, my brother’s boss turned up at the hospital with 60 men willing to give blood, and asking the nurse to determine which had the right blood type. None of them had ever met me, but willingly and thoughtfully took time to save my son’s life and mine.

All of the men are now godfathers (although I’m not sure how that works) to my son. And all of them are the most chivalrous men I have ever met.

— Rachel Bacon, UK

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