A Little Lesson in Chivalry

One day, I was walking up to a small grocery store. When I say it was a small store, I should rather say, an older store with old-fashioned “pull-open” doors rather than automated pressure-sensitive ones. As I approached the door, I arrived mere seconds before a young, well-dressed lady sporting casual-business attire. I pulled the door open and stood aside to allow her to pass.

She stopped, looked at me rather incredulously, and said in a stern voice, “Don’t hold the door for me because I’m a woman!”

I didn’t want to insult her, so I explained, “I’m not. I’m holding the door because I’m a gentleman.” Then I offered her a smile and continued standing there.

That concept caught her by surprise. She stood there for a couple of seconds struggling for words, then I think she understood the difference between patronization and respect. She politely said “Thank you,” and continued into the store.

I would like to think that, for one person, I was able to demonstrate that Chivalry is not dead.

Tracey Gillaspy, Kansas

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