American Sword of Chivalry

Pointed Lessons About The Code of Chivalry

Jousting is more often thought of as a “show” rather than a “sport,” but when six competitors gathered in Poway, Calif., for the American Sword of Chivalry 2008 jousting tournament, American audiences got a very rare opportunity to see knightly skills in action. Most jousting shows, while colorful, dramatic and delightful entertainment at Renaissance Faires and dinner theaters, are a display of theatrical talents and stunt riding, not actual skill at hitting an opponent with a lance with accuracy, grace and sportsmanship.

The jousting tournament was covered in Episode 22 of the Chivalry Today Podcast — including interviews with many of the riders, and the winner of the weekend’s competition. Below are pictures and video of this exciting and educational event, that posed the question: Can a modern athlete learn a lesson in sportsmanship from the days of chivalry?

Video: The Mounted Melee


Video: Jousting — Dominic Sewell v. Arne Koets (and shaking hands afterward)


Video: Jousting — Frederick Piraux v. Jeffrey Wasson


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