Women and Chivalry

The counterpart to the “knight in shining armor” has long been the “damsel in distress” — helplessly captured by a wicked tormentor, waiting for her hero to rescue her and take her away to a lofty tower of his palace where the two can live happily ever after.

To quote my teen-aged niece, “Puh-leeze!”

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My Approach to Chivalry Today

Historians think of chivalry as the unwritten agreement which the knights of the Middle Ages used to conduct themselves in tournaments and warfare. Literature experts view chivalry through the precepts of the medieval church and its unique “cult of the Madonna.” And for those who know of chivalry only from old fantasy novels and King […]

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What is Chivalry?

Chivalry is a word not often heard today, and a lot of people really don’t know what it means. Let’s define the term before we go any further so nobody feels like the class dunce.

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Introduction to Chivalry Today

Current events and front-page headlines have made us all aware of how crucial ethical conduct and personal integrity are in creating a fair and functional society. People are realizing that the 21st century needs a Code of Chivalry

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