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Conversation With Devon Boorman

Historical sword-combat instructor Devon Boorman was asked to give an inspirational talk at a TED Conference. His presentation drew upon the historical values of confidence, prowess, and humility – ideals of the code of chivalry! In this conversation, he describes the process of bringing historical ideals of honor to the TED stage. TED Talks are […]

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Chivalry Today Podcast 60: Chivalry Makes the Lyst

Podcast 60: Chivalry Makes The Lyst

The organizers of the 2012 Lysts On The Lake, Steve Hemphill and Scott Wilson, discuss this upcoming event that combines the sport of competitive jousting with the burgeoning interest in the field of Western martial arts and historical sword combat

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Chivalry Today Podcast 56: Manvoted to Chivalry

Podcast 56: Manvoted To Chivalry

Scott speaks with Brett McKay, founder of the Art Of Manliness and co-author of Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom And Advice On Living The 7 Manly Virtues, about the gentlemanly arts and the place of the code of chivalry within the framework of manly philosophy

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Chivalry Today Podcast 54: Saddled with Chivalry

Podcast 54: Saddled With Chivalry

Scott is joined by Gwen Nowrick and Jeffrey Hedgecock, founders of Historic Enterprises and organizers of the World Joust Tournament of the Phoenix competitive jousting event, to discuss medieval horsemanship and its relationship to the ideals of chivalry.

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Squirrels And Rockets? “Martial Arts And Philosophy” Reviewed

Scott Farrell’s defense of western swordplay and knightly values is well argued, but also fun to read, as you would expect from someone who wears chain mail in his spare time. It helps that the book dodges the dry tone of some academic texts. Instead, it is clear and readable to those who are neither black belts nor who strictly know who Wittgenstein was.

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