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Chivalry Today: You Made This Possible!

Chivalry Today’s donors have made it possible for the program to provide several displays, lectures, and interpretive activities to area low-income schools. These pictures are our way of saying thanks to the contributors who’ve helped make this possible.

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Chivalry On Steroids

Although the stereotypical image of the medieval world is one of filth, plagues, ignorance, barbarian hordes, and witch burning, the Middle Ages was also a period of growth, discovery and advancement.

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Podcast Episode 8 Rebroadcast

Although some of our earliest podcast episodes have been taken out of our archives, we have had several requests from listeners who wanted to hear Scott’s conversation with noted historian and author Prof. Steven Muhlberger about his book Deed Of Arms and his translation of Charny’s “Questions On War.” Prof. Muhlberger has written extensively on […]

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Chivalry, Aristotle, CS Lewis & Martial Arts

So, Aristotle, C.S. Lewis and Bruce Lee decide to go to a jousting match … Sounds like the beginning of a very strange joke, doesn’t it? But the fact is, that could well be the premise for one of the chapters in the forthcoming book, Martial Arts and Philosophy, which will be published by Open […]

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Chivalry Awards Of 2009

Anyone who thinks “chivalry is dead” hasn’t been paying much attention to the news. Plenty of examples of chivalry made headlines in 2009. This isn’t the kind of chivalry that is demonstrated by opening a door or bringing flowers to a date, however … it’s real chivalry, the kind that involves the integrity to do […]

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Saluting First Knights

Trying to instill the qualities of chivalry in modern society sometimes seems a bit like shouting in the wilderness – which is why it’s always heartening to discover a group that is working on a similar quest. A recent article in the San Marcos (Texas) Daily Record brought my attention to another group who sees […]

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