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Chivalry Rounds the Bases

When I suggest that “chivalry” can be used in (and might actually improve) athletic competition, I often hear snickers. But a recent event demonstrates, I think, the power that real chivalry can have – the power to elevate competition above a simple contest for trophies or titles, to something that touches our hearts and raises […]

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Prince Caspian & Chivalry – Podcast 21

Greetings, Episode 21 is now available on the website (and through Apple iTunes and other services). In it, I have a wonderful interview with Prof. Devin Brown, author of “Inside Narnia” and “Inside Prince Caspian” about the ideals of knighthood and chivalry inside the writing of CS Lewis. Of course, we talked a lot about […]

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Chivalry in Timeline – A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Chivalry Today was asked by Paramount Pictures to help promote the opening of the movie Timeline, a time-travel adventure based on the book by author Michael Crichton. The movie is directed by Richard Donner (Superman, The Omen, Lethal Weapon) and stars Billy Connolly, Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor and Gerard Butler. Crichton’s book was (as his […]

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