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Conversation with Jason Kingsley OBE

One of the challenges of studying history is to avoid looking into the past with a myopic view – to think that people of times past were somehow more simplistic, predictable, or uniform than we are today. When we study a historical period like the Middle Ages, we should strive to appreciate the depth and […]

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Conversation With Dr. Christian Miller

Whatever your standard for virtuous behavior – the code of chivalry, the Ten Commandments, the practice of good sportsmanship, or the Golden Rule – that fact is that the vast majority of us don’t manage to put those principles into practice each and every day of our lives. By the same token, most of us […]

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Humility – Huh? – What’s It Good For?

Scott Farrell comments: Humility has long been associated with the qualities of a chivalrous character. In fact, it is one of the principles of chivalry that is notably lacking in just about every other warrior code of honor. No one expected the Greek heroes to refrain from singing their own praises. Viking warriors reportedly indulged in […]

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Discussing Rules For A Knight By Ethan Hawke

Here is a little detour from our usual podcast format: In this episode we had hoped to bring listeners an interview with author Ethan Hawke – the same Ethan Hawke you maybe familiar with from his work on screen in films like Gattica, Dead Poet’s Society, and even the title role of Hamlet, as well as […]

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The Drive Of Chivalry

You can’t put the brakes on chivalry, decency, and integrity just because you think no one’s watching when you’ve got a chance to snatch up a quick, unearned buck. Abandoning your own sense of honor just isn’t worth the price.

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Chivalry On Steroids

Although the stereotypical image of the medieval world is one of filth, plagues, ignorance, barbarian hordes, and witch burning, the Middle Ages was also a period of growth, discovery and advancement.

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