Choose Your Rewards: Season Six Contributor Appreciation Drive

Our Season Six Podcast promotion has come to an end, and we do want to thank the small but dedicated group of listeners who took to time to contribute to our program.

Our regularly schedule podcast has been discontinued, though you will still be able to hear intriguing and engaging interviews from time to time in our new Conversations With Chivalry Today series – very much like the podcast, but produced on an irregular basis.

Of course, there is still a way for you to help with production of our podcast – listeners are always welcome, and even encouraged, to make a contribution of ┬ájust $20. In return, you can choose either one of our Chivalry Today T-shirts (pictured at right), or a copy of the book Martial Arts And Philosophy, which features a chapter on the philosophy of chivalry written by Chivalry Today’s own program director, Scott Farrell.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy listening to our Conversations With Chivalry Today, and that you will consider supporting our program with a donation of $20.

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