Conversation With: Heather Dale (Celtic Avalon Concert)

Chivalry Today Conversation With: Heather DaleHeather Dale (pictured above, performing in the greenwood with Ben Deschamps and the rest of her band) is something of a modern-day troubadour, and the fans among her “tribe” have heard her musical performances in a wide variety of venues – from sci-fi and fantasy conventions, to “Living History” faires, New Age spiritual events and gatherings, and folk music festivals. With more than 10 albums produced by her own Canadian record label, Amphis Music, Heather’s songs tap into world legends, medieval and Renaissance History, and the realms of fantasy.

Heather’s been part of Conversations With Chivalry Today before to talk about her own musical approach to the legends of King Arthur on her albums like Avalon and The Green Knight – but now she’s taking things up a notch. Earlier this year, Heather announced a new project called Celtic Avalon – a full-scale traveling stage show, through which she intends to bring a musical version of the legends of the Knights of the Round Table to a new generation of audiences.

Heather recently joined Scott for a conversation about her idealistic and ambitious quest to bring the mythos of King Arthur’s knights – and the code of chivalry they followed – to life on stage through song and music.

Get Involved: Visit the Celtic Avalon Crowd-Funding Page at Indiegogo to help make this project a reality. You can see all the details – including the levels of supporter rewards, from $5 up to $3,000!

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