Discussing Rules For A Knight By Ethan Hawke

HawkeHere is a little detour from our usual podcast format: In this episode we had hoped to bring listeners an interview with author Ethan Hawke – the same Ethan Hawke you maybe familiar with from his work on screen in films like Gattica, Dead Poet’s Society, and even the title role of Hamlet, as well as plenty of other movie and TV productions. You see, when Mr. Hawke is not acting, directing, or producing, he is also a writer, and his latest book is entitled Rules For A Knight. It definitely caught our interest as the perfect sort of book for an episode of our show.

We invited Mr. Hawke to join us for a conversation about his set of knightly rules, but his publicist informed us – not surprisingly – a notable Hollywood star promoting a new book from a major New York publisher was a bit too busy to fit the Chivalry Today podcast into his interview schedule. But who knows? Perhaps once the initial publicity dies down, and Mr. Hawke wraps up the nationwide appearance tour he is doing in conjunction with the book’s release, he’ll find a bit of time to join us here to give us his thoughts on chivalry in the modern world.

Until then, we hope you enjoy our look at Ethan Hawke’s book on the virtues of chivalry and personal thoughts on living an honorable life in a timeless way: Rules For A Knight.

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