Episode 11: The View of Chivalry from the Royal Armouries

Segment 1: Polar Exploration and the Code of Chivalry

  • The Terror by Dan Simmons
  • Terra Incognita by Sara Wheeler
  • Canadian Geographic Website’s history of the Franklin Expedition (link no longer available), in which the Terror and the Erebus were lost


Segment 2: Interview with Angela Craig of the Royal Armouries at Leeds

  • Visit the Royal Armouries website
  • See a larger image of Angela portraying Joan of Arc in her presentation

Books Mentioned by Scott and Angela

Dame Juliana Berner’s book Hawking, Hunting and the Blaising of Arms (mentioned by Ms. Clair) is currently unavailable in print. If you are interested in a woman’s perspective of medieval sport, you might like Berner’s text on sport fishing, Fishing With An Angle.

Segment 3: Humility, Gratitude and Andy Griffith

  • Listen to the entire interview with Andy Griffith on the May 12 broadcast of NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

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