Episode 24: Monty Python and the Code of Chivalry

Segment 1: Interview — Prof. Gary Hardcastle on Monty Python & King Arthur

Scott interviews Prof. Gary Hardcastle, senior editor of the book Monty Python And Philosophy, about gender roles (“I’m not an old woman!”), Holy Grails (“Naughty Zoot! You turned on the Grail beacon again!”), and questioning authority (“How did you get to be king? I didn’t vote for you!”), as they have a few laughs and consider how the very irreverent portrayal of Arthurian lore in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (and the musical Spamalot) reflects our modern understanding – and mistrust – of the knightly ideals.

  • Buy a copy of Monty Python And Philosophy;
  • Bonus Podcast Segment: Scott and Gary talk about Sir Bedevere, logic and the Camelot witch trial (5:20)

Segment 2: Monsters of Chivalry

  • Buy Brian Stone’s translation of the Alliterative Morte D’arthur (King Arthur’s Death), as read by Prof. Richard Scott Nokes (No longer available)
  • Read Prof. Nokes’s blog, Unlocked Wordhoard

Correction: In the introduction to Episode 24, you may have noticed Scott claimed the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail had been “released nearly a half decade ago.” Those of you with superior mathematical skills surely realized that this movie is a bit more than five years old. Monty Python’s lampoon of Arthurian legend was released in the U.S. in 1975, and what Scott meant to say was “in the nearly half century since the movie’s release.” (Since Scott remembers seeing this movie in theaters, this lapse in detail may be attributed to his advanced age.)

We apologize for any confusion this miscalculation may have caused. All those responsible … have been sacked.

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