Episode 25: Chivalry, Feasts and Medieval Table Manners

Segment 1: Fair Competition and False Flag Politics

  • On the Aug. 22 edition of the on-air talk show Fresh Air, host Terry Gross spoke with political author Rick Perlstein, about the rise of “false flag political tactics,” including the use of counterfeit letterhead to create fake documents to discredit political rivals. (The linked page includes an except from the book.)

Segment 2: Interview: Peter Brears, author of Cooking and Dining in Medieval England

  • Read the article “Manners Makyth Man” (Link no longer available) in the 2003 edition of England’s House Magazine, in which Peter Brears describes the set-up of a medieval kitchen and dining hall, complete with a 15th century illustration of a meal being served.
  • Buy Cooking and Dining In Medieval England.

Segment 3: Dugald Steer’s Guide to Knights and Chivalry

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