Episode 31: Chivalry Goes To Gaul With Amadis

Segment 1: Warriors and Chivalry Bashing

  • Visit the website for Warriors on the History Channel  (Editor’s Note:  This link is no longer valid.  Show has been cancelled since the publication of this post.)

Below: Promotional videos for episodes Samurai Showdown and Knight Fight

Videos no longer available

Segment 2: Interview — Sue Burke on translating Amadis of Gaul

  • Follow Sue Burke’s translation work on her blog Amadis Of Gaul, where you can enjoy notes, commentary, photos and a new chapter translation every week.
  • Read Sue Burke’s article, What Makes A Good Translation?, which talks about the challenges of bringing a historical epic from one language to another.

Segment 3: The Importance of Optimism with Geri Weis-Corbley, publisher of the Good News Network

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