Podcast 33: The Civil War of Chivalry

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Scott begins the fourth season with an interview with Prof. P.M. Forni, founder of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project and author of the book Choosing Civility,” who discusses the history of “civil” behavior and chivalry, and why this concept still matters today.

Plus: Actor Christopher Gurr, who plays King Arthur in the touring production of Spamalot and a very “worthy” listener challenge!
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Segment 1: Listener Challenge —The Nine Worthies of Chivalry Today

Segment 2: Finding Spamalot’s Grail with Actor Christopher Gurr

  • Buy tickets to Spamalot (and other touring musicals) from Broadway San Diego (Spamalot runs Sept. 8-13)
  • Official Monty Python’s Spamalot website (with swag, reviews, video clips, games and more!);
  • Buy the Spamalot Soundtrack CD
  • Below: Why I Love Spamalot (A promotional video with some rather odd theatregoers expressing their thoughts on the show):

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Segment 3: Interview: Prof. Pier Forni, author of Choosing Civility

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Take Our Listener Challenge: The Nine Worthies of Chivalry Today

In the Middle Ages, the Nine Worthies were the “top dogs” in the field of chivalry — the nine individuals who embodied the ideals of chivalry and knighthood: strength, valor, courtesy, honor, etc. They were broken down into three categories: “pagan” (Hector, Alexander and Caesar), Old Testament (Joshua, David and Judas Maccabeus) and Christian (King Arthur, Charlemagne [statue, pictured right] and Godfrey of Bouillon).

Now, Chivalry Today is putting out a challenge to listeners: Create a new list of Nine Worthies that reflects the ideals of chivalry in the modern world and the Seven Knightly Virtues as they apply in the 21st century. Our three categories are:

  • Living — Individuals whose ongoing example demonstrates the value of chivalry;
  • Historical — People from any period of history (from recent past to antiquity) who’ve lived by the code;
  • Literary — Fictional characters from books, movies or other media who abide by the ideals of chivalry.

The only disqualifier: Names from the original list of Nine Worthies are off limits. They’re already acknowledged examples of chivalry; let’s come up with some fresh ideas!

Politicians, generals, discoverers, philosophers, poets, journalists, physicians, teachers, athletes, pilots, adventurers, aliens, detectives — anyone can be an example of chivalry on your list of Nine Worthies. Compose your list, with as much (or as little) explanation as you like as to why these nine names represent the qualities of chivalry in your mind. Then, send us your list using this form:
[form 1 “Nine Worthies Challenge”]

On each episode of the podcast (October 2009 through June 2010) host Scott Farrell will select a few of the most intriguing, inspiring and thought-provoking entries to read on the show.

You get a chance to win too! Additionally, everyone who submits an entry into the Chivalry Today Nine Worthies Listener Challenge will be entered into our monthly drawing — each month, one entry will be selected at random to receive a book, CD or DVD (donated by one of Chivalry Today’s generous sponsors) out of the Chivalry Today prize chest. Drawing winners and prizes will be announced on every episode of the show. (See our contest rules for complete details.)

Is Chivalry Today Worthy Of Your Support?

When you enter the Nine Worthies of Chivalry Today Listener Challenge, you will receive (via e-mail) an invitation to donate $9 (just one dollar per “worthy”) to support the Chivalry Today Educational Program. Your donation of $9 (or any amount your choose) makes the Chivalry Today Podcast possible, and helps make Chivalry Today presentations available to schools, libraries and youth groups as part of our ongoing educational outreach program.

Premier Package: You can also support Chivalry Today with a donation of $100 or more. The first five supporters to donate at this level will receive a “thank you” package from Chivalry Today worth more than $100. (Details about contents of our prize packages will be available soon)

No matter what level of financial support fits your budget — $9, $100 or more — your generosity makes the Chivalry Today Podcast possible. Everyone at Chivalry Today thanks you for your support.

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