Podcast 36: Chivalry á la Shalott

In This Episode: Scott’s guest is author Lisa Ann Sandell, who presents a re-imagined version of the legend of the Lady of Shalott in an authentic 6th century setting in her novel Song Of The Sparrow.

Plus: Humorist Erik Sass talks about the lighter side of the Age of Chivalry in his book The Mental_Floss History Of The World; and a look at loyalty, leadership and the “no-layoff policy.”

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Segment 1: Loyalty, Leadership and No-Layoff

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Lisa Ann Sandell, author of Song of the Sparrow, a re-imagined story of the Lady of Shalott based on current research into Arthurian legend and history.

Segment 2: Chivalry á la Shalott – Interview with Lisa Ann Sandell, author of Song of the Sparrow

Below: Video of The Lady of Shalott, performed by Loreena McKennitt.
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Image of Erik Sass, co-author of The Mental Floss History of the World
Erik Sass is co-author of The Mental_Floss History of the World, an irrverent romp through world history (including the Age of Chivalry).

Segment 3: Erik Sass Flosses Up The Age of Chivalry

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Next month on Episode 37: Prof. Jennifer R. Goodman, author of Chivalry and Exploration: 1298-1630

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