Podcast 38: Ideology of Chivalry

In this episode: Scott is joined by Prof. Richard Kaeuper, author of Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry for a conversation about the sometimes tenuous relationship between knights and the church throughout the Middle Ages, and how the teachings of Christianity affected the ideals of chivalry.

Also: An interview with Sarah Wendell, co-author of Beyond Heaving Bosoms, about “romance novel chivalry”; and we want you to take our listener challenge!

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Segment 1: Take the Listener Challenge

A sculpture in the city hall in Cologne, Germany, depicts the Nine Worthies of medieval lore.

We want you to nominate someone for our list of Nine Worthies of Chivalry Today — nine individuals (living, historical or fictional) who represent the ideals of chivalry in action. You can suggest one, some or a whole list of nine names – each month Scott will choose some of the nominees to read on the podcast, and everyone who sends in a suggestion will be entered into our monthly drawing. Visit our Listener Challenge page for full details.



Prof. Richard KaeuperSegment 2: Ideology of Chivalry — Interview with Prof. Richard Kaeuper, author of Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry


Segment 3: Romance Novel Chivalry – A Conversation with Sarah Wendell

What are the three elements that comprise the “trifecta of awesome” on a romance novel cover? Sarah discusses this, and other (more serious) elements of the romance genre in the video below:

Next month on Episode 39: John Clements, director of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts joins us to talk about historical sword combat and the code of chivalry.