Episode 8: Chivalry & Charny’s Laws of Arms

Scott Farrell notes: Although the podcasts of our first season are no longer available, we’ve had many requests for this episode, which features an interview with Prof. Steven Muhlberger, noted historical interpreter and author of several books on the practice of medieval chivalry. So, now we’re happy to bring back this “classic” podcast for our devoted fans to listen to once more. Enjoy!

Segment 1: Podcasts in the Key of “Chivalry”

Many podcasts explore themes and topics similar to those we’ve discussed on the Chivalry Today podcast. Here are a few examples. Disclaimer: These links open into external websites, including Blogspot and other sites hosting blogs and RSS feeds. Chivalry Today is not responsible for the content of these services.

  • Finding Camelot: An Arthurian Podcast
  • Audio Literature Odyssey (Link no longer available): Episodes 15-20 present Lancelot, or the Knight of the Cart
  • British History 101: Learn more about the Age of Chivalry
  • How Not to be Dreadful: Hip advice on gentlemanly manners and courtesy
  • This I Believe: NPR’s series on how faith and convictions shape our world
  • Embracing the Journey (Link no longer available): Spiritual values and work ethics
  • Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: A lecture series from CCEIA
  • Cheat to Win (Link no longer available): Funny name — intriguing discussion on fierce-but-ethical business practices

Segment 2: Author Interview with Prof. Steven Muhlberger

Segment 3: Prudence and Little White Lies

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