Chivalry Today and Friends at The Getty

Hello and thank you for joining us! We hope that you are enjoying our demonstrations and talks about medieval knighthood and martial arts. Here you will find information and resources to help guide you as you further investigate this fascinating aspect of medieval culture. 

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Re-creating medieval fencing from historical sources

Weapons of a Medieval Knight

A brief history of the evolution of armor throughout the Middle Ages. 

Weapons of a Medieval Knight

Friends of Chivalry Today

Several of our dear friends who are head instructors of their own schools came out to join Chivalry Today in an effort to provide a well-rounded presentation representing a variety of medieval and renaissance martial arts. (You can learn more about the different types of medieval martial arts here). 

If you would like to learn more about each of them and their respective schools, please follow the links below. 

Sean Hayes – Eugene, OR

Northwest Fencing Academy is a school dedicated to the practice of Traditional Italian Fencing, Historical Swordplay, and Medieval Martial Arts.  Northwest fencing academy is located in Eugene Oregon and offers online courses in addition to traditional in person training. 

Founded in 1997, the Academy provides organized professional instruction and complete training programs in foil, épeé and sabre fencing, as well as the medieval arts of sword & shield, longsword, and polearms (collectively known as Armizare).  The Academy combines the traditional European apprenticeship model, modern physical education practices, and careful research and scholarship of fencing and martial arts in a comprehensive, balanced curriculum.  We are a modern school of traditional European fencing and martial arts. 

Greg Mele – Chicago, IL

The Chicago Swordplay Guild (CSG) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization that provides organized instruction in the serious study and practice of historical European swordplay and close quarter combat of the 14th – 17th centuries. Founded in 1999, the Guild is a modern school of swordsmanship and martial arts that seeks to be consistent with the methodology of the ancient European fencing schools by combining scholarship and research into the teachings of the historical Masters at Arms with the practical knowledge gained through solo drills,  partnered exercises, test-cutting with sharp weapons, fencing with specially-designed, blunt weapons and wrestling.