Grandfather’s Love and Courage

Throughout my life, I have tried to adopt numerous qualities from heroes that I have looked up to in sports, school and in my family. These individuals have had both a powerful and positive influence on my character. This has helped me to mature into a confident, responsible individual. I would describe myself as outgoing, motivated and honest. The heroes that have meant most to me have represented the highest degree of courage, nobility and generosity. It is their influence that has led me to develop such strong morals.

What intrigues me most about heroes and leaders is their ability to influence and teach others. I enjoy helping younger soccer players try to perfect moves I once struggled with. I realize that I have the responsibility of being a positive role model. I have accepted this challenge with open arms. In the role of scholar-athlete, it has been my intent to set the best possible example for young athletes. I would like future seniors at Methuen High School to keep the integrity of the school alive through leadership and excellence.

The world faces new and unique tribulations everyday. I have grown fond of the way a select few of my family, friends and teachers have been able to overcome many obstacles.

It is my grandfather who I have chosen as my modern-day knight in shining armor. He possessed an unbelievable sense of hope. After suffering his second stroke and being told he only had months to live, he managed to smile and tell my cousins and I he loved us each and every time we visited.

The last time I saw him he was particularly sick, leaving us with only a mere image of what he had once looked like. I remember him telling me he loved me and to take care of my grandmother. To me, this was the ultimate act of courage. At a time when he could have been dwelling upon his misfortune, he made it clear that to us that he wanted his wife and family taken care of. I have never met anyone who loved his family so much.

Zach Servideo, Massachusets

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