Introduction to Chivalry Today

Not long ago, chivalry was a concept that was largely ignored. It was something that was known to literary scholars and history professors, but it didn’t seem to have any place in the world of business, sports, politics or relationships in the modern world. Women had been taught that displays of chivalry were demeaning and condescending, and men had come to believe that courtesy and respectful attitudes weren’t “manly.”

Recently, however, those ideas have changed. Current events and front-page headlines have made us all aware of how crucial ethical conduct and personal integrity are in creating a fair and functional society. New understandings of issues such as military ethics, political integrity, athletic scandals, gang violence, cheating in school and the workplace, road rage and corporate accountability — not to mention the simple desire to restore a sense of tolerance, discipline and fair play to the world at large — have brought the ideals of chivalry and honor to the level of a national debate like never before.

And people are realizing that anyone — men and women, teachers and coaches, students and soldiers, doctors and athletes — any one of us can be a knight in shining armor. And every one of us should be.

As part of the Chivalry Today program I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people discover, through my articles, podcasts and seminars (as well as through this website), that chivalry is not dead. I have challenged people to consider how the Code of Chivalry and its Seven Knightly Virtues can be put to use in their lives each day. I have worked to demonstrate that chivalry can help us instill values in our children, that it can change the way we manage others and do business, that it can help establish goals and overcome challenges, and that it provides a strong and unshakable means to combat the terror that we have all had to confront in the wake of recent events.

In short, I have been able to show my audiences that the Code of Chivalry should not be entombed in history books and fairy tales.

Fortunately, I am not alone in this endeavor. Through this website, dozens of people have shared true stories of chivalry and the “knights in shining armor” who have inspired them. Others have offered insightful observations on virtue and knightly behavior, demonstrating the depth and complexity of Chivalry Today.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular guest, I hope that what you find broadens your understanding of the definition of chivalry and the knightly virtues. I am honored that you’ve chosen to spend your time at Chivalry Today.

— Scott Farrell

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