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Our gratitude goes out to all of the individuals and school classes who took time to compose and share their Knightly Mottos. We weren’t able to post them all, but some of the best are available below. This collection is always growing, so new visitors are welcome to e-mail their mottos, and teachers who have challenged their students to compose mottos as part of a class project on chivalry or medieval history should encourage their students to submit their creations.

Thanks again!

The Knightly Motto

Every knight in shining armor has a coat of arms. Part of this coat of arms is the knight’s motto, a few meaningful words which express the value of the Code of Chivalry simply and efficiently. In some cases, the motto is a statement a knight makes to future generations; in others, it is a source of self-inspiration in times of doubt or temptation.

Unlike lengthy stories or essays, a motto captures a great deal of meaning in just a few words, and those words must be chosen very carefully. Consider these mottos from authentic knightly coats of arms — what do these sentiments say about those who espouse them?

He that envies is inferior
– Cadogan family

Let us be viewed by our actions
– Mott family

Observe the laws and ordinances
– Sir William Herne

Rather by skill than by force
– Young family

Faith lost, honor is lost
– Lewis family

I live in hope
– Stephens family

To be rather than seem to be
– St. Paul family

A wonderful way to expand your own understanding of Chivalry Today is to create a motto for yourself. What statement about integrity, virtue or strength do you want to be reminded of when you look in the mirror each morning? What words do you want to come to the minds of your friends or children when they think of you? Which of the Seven Knightly Virtues would you encapsulate in your own motto?

As part of our ongoing effort to further the understanding and application of the Code of Chivalry in the modern world, we invite you to share your motto with Chivalry Today visitors. Please, compose a motto that’s unique to you (i.e., not your family motto) and send it to us using the form below. If we post it on this page, you’ll receive a free Chivalry Today travel mug as our way of saying, “Thanks for sharing!” (Which might not be a bad motto for our website!)

Then, come back to Chivalry Today and read the list of mottos (below) to discover how others express their thoughts on chivalry through their unique and creative knightly mottos.

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Knightly Mottos submitted by
Chivalry Today visitors and readers:

Fortitude, Grace, Wit
– Scott Farrell, California

The joy is in the doing. (Guadium est in factione.)
– William J. Knight, New Mexico

Life is worth more than gold, but honor more than life.
– Craig E. Cheney, Indiana

In hope I trust, in faith I persevere.
– Alex Nuutinen

One who ceases to learn is one already half dead
– Joe Felter

Ready for all things
– R. Slusher

In service to others we save ourselves
– William Elliott, Maryland

Strong in faith, lives long
– Steven Hyman, Texas

For Love, Life, and Honor
– Darin Calhoun, California

Respect all men; love your brothers; fear God; honor the law
– Mikal C Johnson, Idaho

Live that you might live
– M. Chad Johnson, Colorado

Never forget the humor
– Randy Ullon, California

Learn and teach
– J. Hortman, Colorado

Tant qu’espoir (Translation: As long as hope)
– Christophe Bachmann, France

Above all, honor thy family
– Steven R. Clements

Vigilance and Fidelity
– Kevin Rhodes, California

My heart is ready
– F. Valentine, Oregon

Happiness is both a gift and a treasure
– Caterine St. Loe, North Carolina

Faith, Honor, Love
– Steve Montgomery, California

Learning ever
– Wendy Rae Kiernan, Arizona

Truth above all
– R.C. DeVors, South Carolina

Pride in humility, wealth in generosity
– Adam Crawley, Nevada

Rank does not confer privilege, it imposes responsibility
– JeNell Hays, California

Pass knowledge on
– Terry Irene Blain

A custom of nobility
– Jan Chennault, California

Above all else: Faith, Hope, Kindness and Inspiration
– Lis Gelatt

Cowards never conquer
– Ray Ford, California

They who make may find
– Robert W. Franson, California

Fail not the king
– G. Robin Smith, Washington

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