New Millennium Round Table

Today people comment that chivalry is a relic of the Middle Ages. Although today we have no kingdoms or Kings that rule over a piece of land, nor warriors sitting at a Round Table, knights in shining armor still exist. I know a good friend and leader who brings generosity and hope to his surroundings.

Bill is a knight in shining armor. He is an executive director for a Community Development Corporation. People in the community have benefited greatly from his courage and his chivalrous goals. Bill came up with the idea of beginning after-school programs that would make teenagers and their parents become better citizens. The programs would help teenagers become leaders and get them thinking about college and further education. These programs would also help parents learn new skills and become leaders in the community.

The programs that Bill initiated began in the fall of 2000. He called this the “New Millennium Resolution.” Whenever there was a presentation about the programs, Bill would be there showing generosity to the participants and awarding them for their achievements. He told me that he was very proud of what he had begun and what the students were doing to improve and continue the programs. His greatest hope was that the students currently in the program would become leaders of the community and take charge of the programs.

Today, I am carrying out Bill’s dream. I am the President of the Community Development Corporation that he started. Through Bill’s courage, these programs are making the students professionals and improving the community. The students involved in the programs understand Bill’s vision and are working with him to continue and improve what he started. I am working with him to develop programs outside of our community and presenting the idea to other communities nationwide. Through Bill’s courage, our neighborhoods and our world can become a better place with teenaged leaders in it.

Maksin F. Cruz, Massachusetts

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