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1. Review our class schedule and decide which class you wish to attend based on your experience level

Not sure which class is best for you? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

Also, prospective students are welcome to observe any class free of charge. This gives you the opportunity to see us in action and decide if our club is a good fit for you.

*Important: New sessions of our introductory class, core concepts, begin approximately every eight weeks. Please reserve your spot by contacting us.

2. Reserve your spot!

Contact us via telephone, text, or email and let us know you plan to attend your first class (see class schedule at bottom of this page).

Whether you are participating in your orientation/intro class, or observing a class in progress, we need to know you are coming. We cannot accommodate new student drop-ins.

Email:  scott@chivalrytoday.com

Call or text: (619) 742- 2315

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3. Watch this orientation video to learn about our class

4. Check out our FAQs

Swords Of Chivalry HEMA sessions provide a serious opportunity to experience, and eventually master a complex, adaptable fighting art. When you join our HEMA program, you’ll enjoy the mental challenge of learning this historical martial art, as well as the physical challenge of putting the art into practice along with fellow students through an increasingly complex series of lessons, exercises, and (eventually) free-play sessions.

Among the practitioners in our weekly sessions, we welcome:

  • Anyone who loves fantasy tales, who has imagined being a noble warrior or a “knight in shining armor”;
    Video gamers who want to experience the realities of the “power moves” they see on-screen;

  • LARPers and reenactors who want to bring a new level of historical realism to their activities;

  • Athletes looking for an interesting cross-training activity;

  • Actors and performers seeking an unusual, dynamic style of stage combat;

  • Anyone seeking an exercise activity emphasizing range-of-motion, coordination, and balance;

  • Kid and teens (in our “youth” sessions) whose personalities aren’t well-suited to the heavy competition pressures of other traditional youth sports – we keep the focus on learning, having fun, and making friends, rather than worrying about who is winning.
who can attend
The Swords Of Chivalry program teaches the historical sword fighting skills often put to use in tournaments at HEMA conferences and historical reenactment events, like the one shown here. (Photo courtesy of Quinn Sellars.)

Like those knights-in-training of old, the focus of Swords of Chivalry is not just on physical skill, but also on the values of self-discipline, respect, trust, sportsmanship, and honor – the values of the code of chivalry!


Each session of Swords of Chivalry is conducted in a safe, supportive environment under the supervision of Scott Farrell (director of the Chivalry Today Educational Program) and his staff of instructors.


Come join us for Swords of Chivalry medieval sword-combat training – whether you want to learn to cross swords and spar with fellow students, or just get a low-impact workout through the range-of-motion physical techniques of the art of defense (it’s like yoga with a sword). Classes for adults and youth/teens (10 and up) are held weekly!

Check out our instruction page for new students!

  • Drop in rate: $25 per class
  • 4 pack of classes: $95
    (can be used non-consecutively; expires after one year)
  • 8 pack of classes: $180
    (can be used non-consecutively; expires after one year)

Closed toed shoes and comfortable athletic clothing.

For the beginning class, you'll just need your smile and your wits! We have all the loaner equipment necessary to get you started. Your first lesson will not include any contact exercises but if you have any protective gear or equipment that you think may be appropriate - such as a fencing mask, gorget, or sword - feel free to bring it along and we can evaluate if it will be appropriate for contact exercises in your coming sessions.


For those wishing to join the intermediate class, students must, at least own their own back of the head protection that can be applied/removed easily and quickly to a club loaner mask. It is expected that intermediate students will begin to acquire their own equipment as they progress in their learning. A detailed list of which supplies are needed for specific activities will be made available to students attending our classes.

Check out our recommended gear page.


By no means are students required to buy anything or everything off of this page. Equipment choice is a highly personal decision. However, the products listed are one's that we personally use and like and all of them meet the Chivalry Today safety standards.

There is absolutely no requirement to participate in “free play” activities (aka sparring). Most of our classes involve a contact drill but in these exercises the speed will be reduced and/or the type of movements will be restricted in order to place student focus on mastering a specific technique.


Please be advised that in the Sunday class, the first class of the month is dedicated to open floor sparring and new student orientation. There may not be an alternative lesson available but you can always ask another student if they would like to work on a drill or do slow work for a few minutes, or make use of the mirrors and floor space to do solo drills and practice.

Currently, our regularly scheduled adult classes focus exclusively on use of the longsword. However, on occasion other weapons such as the sword and buckler, spear, pole axe, messer, and dagger are introduced in a lesson to reinforce the core concepts of the German tradition of fighting.


Intermittently, we hold special eight week technique intensive workshops that feature an alternative weapon to the longsword.


On occasion, we host an armored work shop for our students. All students who have completed the 8 week introductory sessions are welcome and encouraged to attend the technical lessons during this workshop. However, due to the costly nature of armor and the necessity of custom fitting for a safe and effective harness, only students who have invested in their own armor or fit the loaner armor we have available may participate in the practical lessons. Loaner armor is extremely limited and priority is given to advanced students who regularly attend longsword and armor workshops. Regardless of the lesson type, all are encouraged to observe and learn.

Class Schedule

Class Day Time Location Description

Longsword Taster Class
(Beginners / All Levels)




Medieval Longsword Experience. 
This 60-minute group session provides a glimpse into the art of historical fencing with the 15th century longsword, in a safe, supportive, and fun learning environment.

Youth/Teen Longsword
(All Levels)

Y/T Day



New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment.

Adult Longsword
(All Levels)




New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment.

Youth/Teen Longsword
(All Levels)



Team Touche

New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment.

Adult Longsword



Team Touche

REQUIRED: Students must complete the Sunday 8 week lesson cycle before joining this course.

Adult Longsword
Core Techniques
(All Levels)



Team Touche

An essential 8 week foundational course necessary for all new adult students. New sessions begin regularly. Please contact us to sign up for the next 8-week session.