Podcast 37: Explorations Of Chivalry

In This Episode: Scott interviews Prof. Jennifer R. Goodman-Wollock, author of Chivalry and Exploration: 1298-1630, who talks about how the tales of the Knights of the Round Table and the ideals of the code of chivalry helped fire the drive to explore and discover.

Also: A conversation with Dr. Keith Campbell, co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic: Living In The Age of Entitlement on the cultural and emotional value of humility; and some thoughts on chivalry and the cycles of today’s world.

QuickLinks – Buy the titles from the authors interviewed in this show by using the following links:

Segment 1: Chivalry and the Cycles of Today’s World

Segment 2: Explorations Of Chivalry – Interview with Prof. Jennifer Goodman-Wollock, author of Chivalry And Exploration: 1298-1630

Segment 3: Humility, Chivalry and the Narcissism Epidemic

Next month on Episode 38: Prof. Richard Kaeuper, author of Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry.