Podcast 56: Manvoted To Chivalry

Scott speaks with Brett McKay, founder of the Art Of Manliness and co-author of Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom And Advice On Living The 7 Manly Virtues, about the gentlemanly arts and the place of the code of chivalry within the framework of manly philosophy.

Plus: A message of generosity from one of the great coaches of college basketball; and you can send a Pledge Of Chivalry to a friend as a holiday gift for as little as $20.

Quicklinks: Use the links below to learn more about the books, videos, products, and programs mentioned on this episode of the podcast:

  • Visit the Art Of Manliness website to learn more about the skills of being a modern gentleman (even if you’re a woman!);
  • Purchase the book Manvotionals by Brett and Kate McKay;
  • Buy a copy of John Feinstein’s new book One On One.

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Manvoted To Chivalry

Brett McKay (left) with his wife, Kate, are the authors of the new book Manvotionals, a collection of thoughts on the art of manliness.

Chivalry is often defined as the “lost art of being a gentleman.” Why don’t young men act like gentlemen anymore? people – particularly young ladies – often complain. The days when gentlemen used polite manners, stood up for what’s right, took pride in being confident and self-reliant, and lived up to their word seem to be a thing of the past.

Recently there have been a variety of efforts to recapture what might be called “The Art of Manliness” – and to teach young men (or, actually, men of all ages) what it is to be a man who lives with a real sense of discipline, honor, industry, and courage, rather than just to be couch-potato playing World of Warcraft in your man-cave.

But part of the challenge in this reclamation of the art of manliness is the understanding of the difference between what a man does and what a man is … you can learn to run a bulldozer, hunt big game, and sail the seven seas all you want,  but the trappings of manliness are nothing without the ideals, values, and principles of manly character.

So just what is it that makes a male into a man? How does one achieve not just the skills, but also the philosophy of a modern gentleman? Are the qualities of chivalry still relevant to the contemporary practice of the art of manliness, or has the notion of the chivalrous knight been eclipsed by the more up-to-date profile of the cosmopolitan man-about-town?

These are the questions Scott explores with Brett McKay, author of Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom And Advice On Living The 7 Manly Virtues.
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Bobby Knight – A Slam-Dunk Lesson In Gratitude

A clip from a recent episode of the on-air talk show Fresh Air, hosted by Dave Davies, provides a memorable lesson on the value of generosity and gratitude in a fiercely competitive environment as sports commentator John Feinstein talks about his observations of coach Bobby Knight in his new book One On One: Behind The Scenes With The Greats In The Game.
(Listen to the full broadcast of the show on NPR’s Fresh Air website.)
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Coming Up On Episode 57: Scott will be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng, curator of arms and armor at the Higgins Armory Museum, to talk about the newly opened exhibit The Joust.
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