Podcast Episode 8 Rebroadcast

Although some of our earliest podcast episodes have been taken out of our archives, we have had several requests from listeners who wanted to hear Scott’s conversation with noted historian and author Prof. Steven Muhlberger about his book Deed Of Arms and his translation of Charny’s “Questions On War.” Prof. Muhlberger has written extensively on practices of chivalry, arms and warfare in the Middle Ages, and his research gives us a great deal to think about in regards to how chivalry applies to competitive, and even combative situations today. Could Charny’s questions about how a knight was expected to behave in war be applied to situations like sports, politics and business? See what Prof. Muhlberger has to say in this classic podcast that’s now available once more.
Chivalry Today Podcast Episode 8: Charny’s Laws and the Code of Chivalry

You can also read more of Prof. Muhlberger’s observations on chivalry, medieval history and a wide variety of other topics on his blog, Muhlberger’s World History.
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