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Podcasts & Blog – Page 2 – Chivalry Today

Conversation With Richard Marsden

Martial arts practice today is a relatively commonplace affair. In dojos, gyms, and studios all over the country (in truth, all over the world) students practice judo, karate, fencing, kendo, escrima, wrestling and boxing as part of their everyday lives – lives that don’t involve duels, assassination attempts, or open warfare. Though these sports maybe confined […]

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Podcast Extra: Peter Johnsson on Swords

In the first part of my conversation with sword maker Peter Johnsson, we talked at length about the symbolism and cultural significance of the sword, and how it reflects both medieval and modern understandings of the ideals of chivalry. But after the show was over, we went on talking and we both realized that our […]

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Humility – Huh? – What’s It Good For?

Scott Farrell comments: Humility has long been associated with the qualities of a chivalrous character. In fact, it is one of the principles of chivalry that is notably lacking in just about every other warrior code of honor. No one expected the Greek heroes to refrain from singing their own praises. Viking warriors reportedly indulged in […]

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Conversation With Peter Johnsson

There is a special place in heroic lore for those who deal in the craft of weapons – specifically, for the smiths who make swords. Far from being just a “big ol’ knife,” the sword – in legends – becomes an extension of the personality of the hero (or the villain), and as such, the man […]

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Conversation With Lonnie Colson

From the drama The Walking Dead to the peppy teen comedy iZombie to the literary parody Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, the zombie apocalypse concept has become such a popular trope in today’s world that it is spilling over into just about every genre of entertainment. This year you can bet there will plenty of […]

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Conversation With Devon Boorman

Historical sword-combat instructor Devon Boorman was asked to give an inspirational talk at a TED Conference. His presentation drew upon the historical values of confidence, prowess, and humility – ideals of the code of chivalry! In this conversation, he describes the process of bringing historical ideals of honor to the TED stage. TED Talks are […]

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Discussing Rules For A Knight By Ethan Hawke

Here is a little detour from our usual podcast format: In this episode we had hoped to bring listeners an interview with author Ethan Hawke – the same Ethan Hawke you maybe familiar with from his work on screen in films like Gattica, Dead Poet’s Society, and even the title role of Hamlet, as well as […]

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Conversation With Christian Tobler

How do the efforts to revive a 500-year-old style of German sword combat help us understand the ideals of chivalry in medieval culture, and its place in the world today? Author and historical researcher Christian Tobler joins us to discuss that question. When Christian Tobler’s book “Fighting With The German Longsword” was published in 2004, it was […]

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ChivalryToday.com Conversation with Stephen Cooper

Conversation with Stephen Cooper

Among the events of conflict and military activity in the age of chivalry, the battle of Agincourt stands head-and-shoulders above just about anything else. Fought on October 25, 1415, Agincourt is the place where an outnumbered army of Englishmen, a “band of brothers” composed primarily of archers and led by King Henry V, defeated a […]

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