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Medieval Sword Lessons with Swords of Chivalry – Chivalry Today

Medieval Sword Lessons with Swords of Chivalry

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Swords Of Chivalry Program image

Program coaches Scott Farrell (left) and Kyle Lazzarevich demonstrate the medieval art of fencing with the German longsword at the 2015 Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway, Calif.

Swords of Chivalry (also known as San Diego Longsword) is a Western Martial Arts (WMA), or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) interpretative training class, coordinated by the Chivalry Today Educational Program.

The study and practice of historical European sword combat (sometimes called historical fencing, or just plain “sword fighting”) is a growing field of sport and recreation – an entertaining way to discover a fascinating part of medieval and Renaissance history; get some great physical exercise; and a wonderful place to make some new friends. There are a growing number of HEMA study groups, practical (training) conferences, and competitive tournaments all across the United States (as well as many in Europe, South America, and Australia) that are working to revive this historical art.

The Swords Of Chivalry HEMA program is a series of weekly workshops designed to give students of all ages an opportunity to discover, and eventually master, the surprisingly complex practice of medieval sword fighting. Swords Of Chivalry sessions place a high focus on control and precision, not raw strength and brute force. As the historical masters pointed out, "If every duel was won by the strongest fighter, then there would be no need to learn the artful use of the sword." We practice in very minimal protective gear (no hockey pads or thick plastic armor required) and place a strong emphasis on creating a safe and supportive environment for students of every size and background to learn "the art," not just the biggest and most aggressive.

Drawn directly from historical source material – the fight-books or “manuals of defense” from the 14th and 15th centuries – Swords of Chivalry HEMA program lets you experience the skills of a real medieval knight training for battle, duel, and tournament. The Swords Of Chivalry/San Diego Longsword program is a proud member of the national network of HEMA Alliance affiliated training programs, and is a member of the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association.


Lionheart Fencing Academy
(East county San Diego)

     1331 N. Cuyamaca St., Suite "E"
     El Cajon, CA  92020
     (619) 462-2027


Team Touche Fencing Center
(North-coast San Diego)

     11468 Sorrento Valley Rd. Ste. A-1
     San Diego, CA 92121
     (858) 622-9696


Class Schedule






Longsword Taster Class



LionHeart Fencing Academy

Medieval Longsword Experience - This 90-minute group session provides a glimpse into the art of historical fencing with the 15th century longsword, in a safe, supportive, and fun learning environment.


Youth/Teen Longsword All levels



LionHeart Fencing Academy 

New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment. 

Adult Longsword

(All Levels)


6:00pm - 7:30pm

LionHeart Fencing Academy 

New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment. 

Youth/Teen Longsword All Levels


5:00pm - 6:30pm

Team Touche Fencing Center

New students welcome first class meeting of the month by appointment. 


Adult Longsword 


10:30am - 12:00 pm 

Team Touche Fencing Center

*Students must complete the Sunday 8 week lesson cycle before joining this course.

Core Techniques 

Adult Longsword 

(All levels)


1:00pm - 2:30pm

Team Touche Fencing Center

An essential 8 week foundational course necessary for all new adult students. New sessions begin regularly. Please contact us to sign up for the next 8-week session. 

Adult Class Pricing

Taster Class: 

  • $15.00

Our 45-minute taster class is for prospective students looking to discover if the art of fighting with the longsword is right for them. The taster course includes a brief introduction to basic footwork and sword work, a demonstration of sparring with steel swords by our instructors, and the opportunity to converse discuss your goals in regards to this particular martial art with our head instructor, Scott Farrell. 

Group Classes: ​​ 

  • Single class rate: $25 per class
  • 4 pack punch card: $95 (classes may be used non-consecutively; expires after one year) 
  • 8 pack punch card: $180 (classes may be used non-consecutively; expires after one year)

Adult group lessons are 90 minutes long and include some post lesson time for questions and sparring. 

*Please contact your preferred location for pricing on youth classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I wear? 

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Where can I buy equipment? 

How long until I can spar? Can I spar on the first lesson? 

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Do you teach other weapons systems? What about armored combat? 

We are happy to answer questions or help you get registered. Learn More / Register Now!