Recommended Gear

Our students, friends, and colleagues often ask us what kind of equipment we use and where we purchased it from. The following products are suggested by us because we like them, have used them, and have had positive interactions with their sellers. Choosing safety equipment and sparring gear is a bit like purchasing a pair of shoes - one size does not fit all and what is comfortable and safe for one person may not be for another. These products have worked for many of our coaches and students but we do not officially endorse (or guarantee the safety of) any of the products below. 




Gambesons by Quilted Armour

Contact Yefimova Nataliya, via facebook messenger, for questions or purchases

Unarmored Gloves 

Decent for light and controlled longsword practice. Best to be used with finger caps (see next row). 

Tip: Runs Large! Size XXS fits a glove size close to an 8. 

Finger Protection 

Tinker Pearce Sword 

A great starter sword. 


An excellent sword for displacements and winding. 

Castille - Build Your Own Longsword

Great quality swords with customizable options. 

That Guy's Gorgets

Turn Shoes

Period Tights

Back of Head Protection

Has the additional benefit of making a semi loose mask more snug. 

Back of Head Protection

Provides some extra throat protection in addition to a gorget (do not use with out a gorget).