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Though we’re enjoying the relaxing days of summer, it won’t be long till our attention turns back to more serious matters with the new school year. If you’re a teacher (or know someone in the education field) we hope you’ll consider making Chivalry Today part of your studies in history/social studies, English literature, performing arts, or the “pillars of character” ethical focus in the 2011/12 school year.

As always, we have a variety of educational resources for teachers, students, and parents – from the research materials and class project ideas you’ll find on this website, to the many classroom presentations we offer – but this year we invite you to consider what has become our most popular educational presentation by far: The Medieval Festival Day!

We know budgets are tight, and one of the places schools are cutting back is in off-campus excursions and activities. That’s why the Medieval Festival Day was designed as a way of bringing the field trip to you, to fit into any school facility or budget. Chivalry Today’s team of outstanding historical interpreters can come to your campus, multi-purpose room, or athletic field for a fraction of the price of taking your whole class to the Renaissance Faire or history museum – and with far less time taken out of classroom and away from other studies.

With Chivalry Today’s Medieval Festival Day, we make all the arrangements for you. At your request, Chivalry Today can provide any, or all of the following educational presentations:

  • A display of authentic sword combat in the style of a medieval “deed of arms”;
  • An encounter with a live bird of prey and a presentation of medieval falconry;
  • A demonstration of the power of medieval siege engines with a full-size catapult;
  • A 50-minute performance of one of the works of Shakespeare, such as Macbeth or Romeo & Juliet;
  • A performance of medieval-style music on authentic historical instruments;
  • A medieval fashion show, with displays of clothing from medieval culture;
  • An exciting display of mounted games and real jousting on horseback;
  • A captivating telling of a selection of tales of King Arthur and his Knights.

Whether you have just an hour-long period in a single classroom, or you’re planning an outdoor History Faire that will be the highlight of your school year activities, Chivalry Today can bring your historical studies to life – literally! In addition, all of our presentations and interpretations feature a focus on the ideals of chivalry, honor and the knightly virtues – a great way to tie in with lessons in ethics, peace-building, “pillars of character,” or any sort of campus-wide focus on citizenship and good behavior.

Although we welcome all inquiries, Chivalry Today’s calender of Medieval Festival Days is quite limited, so if you are interested in scheduling this as part of your classroom activities in the coming year, contact us quickly.

Chivalry Today offers early-booking discounts through August, 2011 – and, if you book before the school year starts, you’ll get one of our Chivalry Today T-shirts to wear as a show of our appreciation.

Give your students a look into history they won’t forget with Chivalry Today’s Medieval Festival Day! Contact Chivalry Today to book your event now.


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